Saturday, May 17, 2008

No Sleep For The Weary

It's official....I suck at sleeping.  As proof here I am typing away on a blog at six in the morning after being up since four.  Now that I've knocked out about a pot of coffee myself before my wife even wakes up I'm a little antsy so forgive the ADD that will probably be included in the paragraphs provided below.  

I know what you are thinking:   dude, just take a sleep aid and go to bed!  Been there tried that.  In fact, I think I've never been as miserable in all my life as I was a morning a couple of days ago after i decided I needed to sleep and took a pill to help a bit.  Chrissy left for work that morning after I had still not slept much and Caitlyn sat in the bed with me watching playhouse disney while I tried, at no avail, to dose a little more before she started jumping on my stomach repeatedly to get me out of the bed.  I decided to try and take a shower to gradually start to wake myself from the drug induced haze. After 30 minutes of letting water run over me (hoping it would make the semi truck stop doing the same) I gave up and just went on with the day thinking, "what the heck, I'll just sleep better tonight".  WHATEVER!  Just for the record.  They don't tell you on the box of sleeping pills that if you don't sleep when you have taken one of these that you will feel like it's not just one night of z's you missed out on but about 4 years!  That should be an included disclaimer if you ask me.

I go through these spells from time to time.   Maybe it's related to the stuff going on in my life.  Don't know why I would be stressed other than, let's see:  Starting a church, putting together new band for said church, wife is pregnant, there are crawling things in my attic, learning music for a different church every weekend (i'll be glad when that's over on June 15th!!!!!), don't have health insurance for maternity.  Really other than that there's not much going on in my life to keep me up at night.  Albeit the crawly things in the attic are about to make me go nuts and start shooting holes in the roof until something falls out of it.  Seriously!  You want to know what makes a serial killer snap.....don't let him sleep for a few days and put raccoons in his attic!  BANG!  Like pulling the trigger on a handgun without a safety.  

Ok enough, I don't want you guys to think I'm losing it or anything cause I'm really not.  Just venting over the net a little.  Thanks for listening.  Thank you Houston good night!!!  (or morning)

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