Monday, August 18, 2008

The Music City

Hello All,

I'm writing from Nashville where myself and a few musically inclined friends came to play at a showcase for some industry reps. It went well even though the sound situation was something to be scoffed at for the most part. The venue was closed to the public which was a little uncomfortable for me seeing that I'm not accustomed to playing for an American Idol type of judging panel. All in all, it was good.

We headed down to the country music hall of fame today and walked through some incredible artifacts of music history. The hall is a must see for anyone who even remotely likes music. I think we determined that you can't really call yourself a musician until you catch a glimpse of what the history of music is like and where it all came from. For the most part music would have never made the mainstream tv crossover had it not been for the country music artists who made it happen. The Hank Williams, Johnny Cashs, Willie Nelsons, Waylon Jennings, Carter Family, and Dolly Partons of country music were writing and performing music for tv audiences years before any of us were ever thought of. Cool stuff to see. I love music history......well....I love everything about music for the most part so it was a fun experience for me. Tomorrow we hit a few more musical must sees like the Ryman Auditorium and such. Thanks for listening......later

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ChrissyK said...

awwww, yea...glad you're having fun with the guys. I was hoping you were going to blog about your trip. Did anyone bring a camera???